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Pousosa: Stenger using McManus as distraction from bigger issues

To the editor:

I have thought about this debate as I have attended the last few County Council meetings speaking out against the “road diet” for Gravois Road.

Why would the McManus Construction Co. buy property before having the zoning needed to operate there? Is it the product of the County Executive Steve Stenger/County Councilman Kevin O’Leary years as 6th District “representation”?

Sixth District County Councilman Ernie Trakas, R-Oakville, is only doing what he said he would do if elected, question business- as-usual status quo in the 6th District.

I believe that from the very beginning, McManus Construction was very secretive about its intended purposes for the site. I have nothing against Rob McManus, but this is the perfect issue for Stenger to use as a distraction from bigger issues like the council’s choice of Mark Tucker as county auditor.

Stenger alleges Tucker is unqualified for the position and can’t actually conduct audits. All indications point out that Tucker is more than qualified. This is a 2014 Stenger campaign promise that has not yet been delivered. What is Stenger afraid of — exposing pay-to-play or other corrupt activities?

Also, County Councilwoman Rochelle Walton Gray’s bill creating a legislative research director working for the council to challenge the legal advice of the county counselor, who reports directly to Stenger, is also being questioned. When Stenger says jump, the counselor asks how high?

A legislative research director would provide the council the opportunity to write legislation that is responsive to the needs of each district and returns power to the people. It also would provide a check and balance between the executive and legislative branch of county government.

The county Charter is not set in stone and can be amended to suit the needs of the people that the county executive and the County Council were elected to represent.

Tony Pousosa

Green Park

Editor’s note: Tony Pousosa is a former Green Park Ward 1 alderman and current Concord Township Republican committeeman. He twice ran unsuccessfully for the 6th District County Council seat and unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for county executive. He also ran unsuccessfully for Green Park mayor in the April election.

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