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Post-election blues as reader laments a nation, divided against itself

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

As I sit down to write this with the “post-election blues,” the outcome of the presidential election still remains in doubt.

Two very dissimilar candidates were ultimately separated by only a few thousand votes at the state level in an election where record numbers of voters stood in line for hours to exercise the right to choose the type of government under which they would like to live.

This is certainly a sign of a healthy republic.

What concerns me more than the outcome is the deep divide that has only grown wider as a result. The corporate and social media giants long dismissive of those of us in “flyover country” have ramped up their rhetoric post-election to include utter disgust and disdain for anyone who had the unmitigated gall to vote for President Trump.

It is a fierce chorus that insists that those voters are the unwashed, uneducated and feral members of this country deserving to be shoved into the sea for their clueless, hateful and bigoted choices. The reality is there were 70 million people who cast a vote for Donald Trump and potentially many more that supported him but did not vote.

Could it be that there are 70 million people in this country so misguided that they should be deemed unworthy to even participate in our society?

Unfortunately this is the position championed by many progressive members of the Democrat party and its media toadies.

This kind of elitist snobbery has only led to further anger, frustration and distrust by those who feel like the country they love is being desecrated from within by those who would chose to whitewash the past and ignore the present.

It is that kind of attitude that gives rise and credence to fears of rampant voter fraud, stolen elections and hidden agendas. President Lincoln knew all too well that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

A history lesson for sure. but also a recipe for future disaster if left uncorrected. I pray for our country and its citizens.

I pray for a reconciliation of a divided nation and a return to civil discourse. I pray for these things, but I am not hopeful.

Brian Volansky

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