Politicians should think of the weak and defenseless beyond election


Letters to the Editor 

To the editor:

Regarding my Aug. 1 letter and the Sept. 12 response of Christine Hessel, Ms. Hessel, I commend your important work with the pregnancy help center.

I believe that you and I are on the same page when it comes to believing that children need care in the USA no matter how old they are, from infant through and including school age or where they come from. In addition, it is more important than ever that we offer support with dignity and courtesy to women of all ages from all backgrounds and beliefs. I am concerned about politicians who use the weak and the defenseless as examples to use in their campaign to be elected with little or no thought of them beyond Election Day.

They ignore the reality that the needs of children and their parents who currently reside in the USA extend beyond political campaigning. That need is there every day of the week no matter how many rallies are held, no matter how much profit is valued more than human life.

Georgeanne Gass