Political parties not willing to work across the aisle is ‘what’s really scary’

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

A letter in the Nov. 24, 2022, edition of The Call talked about scare tactics and how it’s the Democrats who are scary, not the Republicans.

I would think the reader would understand that there’s very little a president can do about gas prices — it’s largely controlled by the big oil companies. And inflation? No president wants inflation to get out of control. We just came out of a pandemic which caused supply shortages, cargo transportation issues, company price gouging, and sadly — tragic loss of life.

The Biden administration worked hard to try and address these issues, which certainly wouldn’t be easy for any administration, but Republicans did not support any of the programs proposed.

One could counter that Republicans were the scary ones, too busy questioning COVID protocols, taking away women’s rights, ridiculously denying the election in 2020, ignoring an obvious gun problem and staying beholden to someone like Donald Trump who has divided this country like no one else.

The thing is, Democrats and Republicans don’t know how to work together for the people of this country, which is their job. That’s what’s really scary.

Chris Krebeck