Police hand out Halloween treats at South County Center, precincts


Officers from the St. Louis County Police Department will be handing out candy and glowsticks in south county tonight as well as doing costume safety checks around the county.
Police say they expect the Halloween Safety Center at South County Center to be particularly busy. Officers at the Affton Southwest Precinct, South County Precinct and Fenton Precinct will also hand out candy.
Officers will also be handing out candy to children while on patrol across the county.

The police sent out these Halloween safety tips:
1. Wear reflective, comfortable costumes/clothing.
2. Don’t cross the streets between cars; use crosswalks.
3. Always have an adult accompany you to any homes.
4. Refrain from using masks that may obstruct children’s sight.
5. Go in groups for safety.
6. Have an adult check your candy.