Plans to contribute to Tom Diehl’s defense fund

To the editor:

It was disheartening to read that the owners of Fred Weber, Inc. have decided to continue their shameful tactics against Tom Diehl and his family.

These bullies will undoubtedly drag their ridiculous lawsuit against the Diehls all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Though they adamantly declare that they have been wrongly characterized as “terrorist,” they seem to see nothing wrong with terrorizing the Diehl family with financial ruin.

I hope everyone appreciates that Mr. Diehl “took a bullet” for all of us when Fred Weber Inc. chose to make an example of him for his stand against their trash transfer station.

Now he must stand against Weber for a far more important reason. He’s fighting to preserve one of the ideals that has made this country special throughout the world — freedom of speech.

He shouldn’t have to stand alone. I, for one, will be sending money to his defense fund.

As far as I’m concerned, threatening the hard-fought-for constitutional rights of American citizens is nothing less than an act of terrorism.

Mark Mosher