Phrases behind use of masks are repeated so much so it’s not seen as extreme

Letters to the Editor


To the editor and residents:

I realize the editorial of Aug. 27 is meant well about South County ZIP codes having a rise in virus cases.

But “life won’t return to normal for any of us until we all wear a mask” is extreme. This is so repeated that it no longer seems extreme. Just like the phrase “if it saves one life …” is an extreme five words.

And the phrase “you can’t be too safe” is another extreme five words. These notions are repeated so often each day that they have become accepted as logical thinking.

If I am vulnerable to the virus for whatever reason and wear a mouth-diaper, that is a good thing for me to do, for my protection.

But no one else should have to wear a muzzle, unless they themselves also are medically vulnerable or they feel they are vulnerable.

All of us vulnerables can protect ourselves with a mouth-thong, hand-washing, distancing. Everyone else should feel free to do as they please.

Kate Martin