‘Peanut-gallery’ statement most classless remark he’s ever heard

Congratulations to Mike Anthony for his May 3 “Call the Tune” column. I wholeheartedly agree with his chastising of Mehlville school-board member Cindy Christopher.

As a 71-year-old concerned Oakville resident and grandfather of three Oakville students, I was among the large group attending the January 2006 board meeting hoping to discuss the upgrading of our two high-school athletic fields to artificial turf. The students, cheerleaders, athletes, parents and grandparents who attended were not there to sabotage the board meeting as Mrs. Christopher stated. We attended en masse to show our support for the turf installations.

Mrs. Christopher’s “peanut-gallery” statement was the most classless remark I have ever heard at any kind of open meeting at which people are given the opportunity to voice an opinion.

A title does not automatically bestow respect on an individual, it must be earned.

Until Mrs. Christopher realizes that fact of life, she will continue to be disrespected by all of us who fell victim to her vitriolic “peanut-gallery” remark.

Edward E. Krite