Paramedic’s wife offers news about Mehlville fire district

I want to make your readers aware of a few things that are going on at the Mehlville Fire Protection District, and if history is any indication of your coverage of the activity at the department, this is our only shot at getting the word out in your paper.

Recent news from (Board of Directors Chairman) Mr. (Aaron) Hilmer is that he wants to put 457 monies, of which the fire district nor the taxpayers have put any money into, to a new investment firm.

This would greatly limit employees’ choices of investment options and would be more expensive per transaction.

This is only employee-contributed money, so why would Mr. Hilmer want to do that? There is no upside for the employees, so I have to believe there is one for Mr. Hilmer.

One other incident I think our community should be made aware of is that on Sept. 11 when the rest of the nation was holding memorials and reflecting on the lives of first responders lost that day, board member Bonnie Stegman had the deputy chiefs make the rounds at the firehouses and made employees scrape off their union stickers from the fire trucks and ambulances.

How low can you go?

Deborah Weingartner


Editor’s note: Mrs. Weingartner’s husband, Mark, is a Mehlville Fire Protection District paramedic.