Palamand would be an asset to Mehlville school board

To the editor:

In 1976, my husband began teaching math at Oakville High School.

As his health deteriorated, he was forced to take early retirement in 2000. During his tenure, he taught math courses, including algebra, geometry and trig. For only a short time, he taught calculus. He loved teaching calculus — to extremely talented students who excelled in math. One of those students was Venki Palamand.

My husband was a quiet person who rarely discussed his life at Oakville. But on occasion he shared stories — frustrating, humorous and touching. If he talked about an experience or a student, I knew it was important to him.

On several occasions, he talked about Venki Palamand.

Although I didn’t get to know Venki until after my husband’s death in 2003, I knew through conversations with my husband that Venki was a bright, hard-working young man. He was from a close-knit family that always supported him.

Venki was special, and I knew that even before I really got to know him. After my husband died, Venki and I have talked on several occasions and when he recently told me he was running for the Mehlville school board, I knew I wanted to support him the way I know Russ would have.

I urge everyone who cares about quality schools and a good education for their children to vote for Venki Palamand. I feel certain his contribution as a board member will be positive, responsible and effective.

Tina Amrein