Owner of human foot found in Oakville identified as missing St. Louis man


A human foot found in Oakville last year belongs to a missing St. Louis man who disappeared near the river in north county.

The foot is from Christopher Harris, 27, of the 4200 block of S. 37th Street in St. Louis, 63116, police said Wednesday.

It is not yet known what happened to Harris, who is still an “active missing person” sought by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department after he disappeared last year.

Harris’ foot was not forcibly removed from his leg, police said.

Officers from the St. Louis County Police Department’s North County Precinct found what seemed to be an abandoned car that belonged to Harris around 9:12 a.m. July 9, 2017, on an embankment of the Mississippi River in the area of N. Highway 67 near the Lewis Bridge.

Police performed “exhaustive” searches of the area with a canine team and the Fire and Rescue Squad, but didn’t find anyone, according to a police account.

On Sept. 4, officers from the South County Precinct got a call of a human foot found at Bee Tree Park in Oakville in the 2700 block of Finestown Avenue.

Police identified a foot in a shoe found by hikers as human remains, but still had no idea where the foot came from, even after extensive searches.

Hikers called 911 to report that they found a shoe with a foot still in it while walking on the western banks of the Mississippi River.

The large-sized men’s shoe was confirmed to contain a human foot.

Since the discovery of the foot, police have performed “exhaustive” searches of the area with canines and cadaver dogs, along with water and helicopter searches, but have not found anything.

An investigation into the discovery was led by the Bureau of Crimes Against Persons and the county Medical Examiner’s Office.