Outrage about CRT is not ‘artificial’


To the editor:

In the Sept. 30 edition, one letter to the editor referred to concern over critical race theory as the result of a combination of the following: too much conservative news consumption, age, and (surprise!) whiteness.

Unfortunately, concern over CRT is real, and it has a basis in the reality of what is going on in many classrooms, where children are being taught to look at everything through the lens of race; That the color of their skin is what defines and/or limits them and everyone else. This issue has been framed as a false dichotomy: you can either A. Want all history taught through the lens of critical race theory, or B. You want zero discussion of racial issues and the difficult past of the U.S.

Most realistic people fall somewhere in the middle, with thoughtful, nuanced opinions on the matter.

Ultimately we should observe the past through as unbiased a lens as possible in order to repeat as few of those mistakes as possible. And we should love our neighbors, whether or not they watch a news outlet we disagree with. Using charged rhetoric, ad hominem attacks, and plain old condescension is the least productive way to engage people whom, one would assume, you intend to win to your side.

Rachel Ayres