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Oakville resident proud, impressed with school district’s new turf fields

Just a few informative words for the “Doubting Thomases” in the Mehlville-Oakville school district. At 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 6, I went to Oakville High to watch my grandson at soccer practice.

The controversial turf field was completely covered with young athletes. The football team was at one end, the junior varsity soccer team was in the middle and the freshman team was at the other end.

Shortly after 4 p.m., these teams completed practice and the varsity soccer team came on the field for practice.

Before these fields were installed, the JV and freshmen teams were transported to two different venues by school buses. The cost of fuel and the wages of the drivers is therefore saved and can be used for other programs.

I am very impressed and proud of the turf installation at both schools. We will no longer be known as the district with grassless, muddy, bumpy fields with exposed sprinkler heads and holes deep enough to break an ankle or leg. In the long run, these turf fields will help increase our property values and enhance our reputation as a progressive school district.

Our students must maintain good grades to participate in their athletic endeavors.

Many would not be able to continue their education without academic scholarship grants. The possibility of additional grants for athletics will make it feasible for many more to improve their future.

We, the Mehlville-Oakville parents, grand-parents and taxpaying residents, must do everything possible to give our students and athletes a hand up in their quest for acceptance into higher learning institutions.

We owe it to these students to help them reach their goals in life, be it academic or athletic.

Many thanks to the school board and the many concerned citizens who worked tirelessly for their foresight in bringing this project to fruition.

Ed Krite


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