Oakville resident awards Crestwood aldermen D minus in civic duty

To the editor:

The Crestwood aldermanic meeting started off on a positive note with an endorsement of the city of Crestwood as being voted one of the most child friendly.

However, by the evening’s close, aldermen had been awarded a D minus in both civic duty and service to the community as the rosy glow of aldermanic pride had been replaced with one of acute embarrassment.

When challenged during a period for public comment to initiate an aldermanic inquiry into the summary dismissal of Police Officer Christopher Kuhn — the City Charter makes provision for the Board of Aldermen to follow this course of action — a difficult silence filled the air — not even the whispers of the city attorney in the mayor’s ear could be heard — and aldermen avoided eye contact even with each other.

No one would propose a motion and no one would second it.

Resorting to exaltations of civic duty — by the petitioner — and doing the right thing — by the petitioner — only served to increase the discomfort the elected officials felt.

I can only compare it to a 6-year-old who had been caught doing something wrong.

Finally, the mayor shifted the meeting to more mundane — and safer — topics, hanging banners, dog biscuit seller awards, et cetera.

I should like to think the voters of Crest-wood would be a little more vocal come election time than the sheeple of the aldermanic committee.

Graham Holland


Editor’s note: Chris Kuhn is Graham Holland’s son-in-law.