Oakville falls to Parkway North in second game of the season

By Robert Chalupny

The Oakville Senior High School football team fell short of its goal more than once as it stumbled 14-7 to Parkway North Friday night, producing an undesirable 0-2 start to the 2012 season.

On the rain-soaked Parkway North field, the Tigers had multiple chances to raise their score in the contest, but were not able to capitalize.

Oakville head coach Arlee Conners told the Call his Tigers suffered from some of the same issues as in the season opener.

“It was a lot similar to last week. We had a lot of opportunities inside the red zone, even inside the 5-yard line and we couldn’t get in the end zone,” the Oakville coach said.

Conners said the rainy weather inhibited Oakville’s passing game, but that wasn’t the game maker.

“Yeah, it was a factor we couldn’t do some of the things we wanted to do,” he said. “I know it caused us to fumble the ball a couple of times, and it caused a couple of bad passes.

“We really didn’t pass like we wanted to pass it because of the weather, but we still had opportunities, and we just didn’t capitalize on that.”

Kyle Hearn who scored the lone touchdown for the Tigers. Moe LaGrand also had a strong performance, according to Conners.

“He ran the ball really well,” Conners said of his running back. “He broke off some big runs, and we’ve got to do more, get him more involved and capitalizing on some things he can do for us.”

Despite the slow start to the season, Conners is optimistic his players can turn it around and learn from the first two games.

“These guys have the understanding that they’ve done some really good things, and they’ve been in position to win,” he said. “We’ve just got to get guys to concentrate and focus and really dig down deep.

“In pressure situations we’ve got to come out on top more. Right now, we are coming out on the bottom. I think we had a rough start and a decent opponent, but we’ll get better. I feel good about that. We are doing the right thing. We’ve just got to be more disciplined and concentrate and get some focus and execute some plays,” he added.

Oakville will be on the road Friday, facing longtime rival Lindbergh. The 1-1 Flyers boast a powerful defense.

While Conners knows he has a tough opponent ahead, he is more concerned with taking care of his players.

“The thing right now, it’s not about who we are playing against it all about us,” he said. “If we fix us. It really doesn’t matter who we play against.”