Nuns of St. Clare thankful for generosity, ‘amazed’ at food response

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Recently some of our friends became concerned that we were in need of food, and we were overwhelmed by the generosity of the people of Oakville and South County.

We were — and are — most thankful for all that you brought us. If anyone would like to bring us food or other items, a phone call ahead of time would be most appreciated. Of course, we have bills to pay, just like anyone else, and we are always grateful for monetary donations. Our phone number is 314-846-2618, should someone need to contact us.

Once again, even after over 60 years in Oakville, we are just so amazed at the people of St. Louis and the Oakville area. May we pray, like our foundress St. Clare did for her own native city: “Lord, protect this city, for it supports us for love of You.”

Thank you, and God bless for your kind attention to our letter.

Poor Clare Nuns

Editor’s note: The Poor Clare Nuns live at the Monastery of St. Clare in Oakville. They are cloistered nuns and do not have direct contact with the outside world, except for one representative. They were recently overwhelmed by donations when a message went out that they were in need of food.