Nothing ‘sinister’ going on in Grantwood Village

To the editor:

This is in response to the letter from Michael C. Wendl concerning the “deeper issues” in Grantwood Village that implied something sinister or subversive is going on in Grantwood Village.

The resignation of Richard Muraski was a relief to everyone.

He is a most difficult person and does not work well with others. His behavior at village meetings was disturbing.

When Bob Prebil resigned due to unfortunate circumstances, two other board members resigned in sympathy. It was nothing more complicated than that.

Cathy Forand is a most dedicated and conscientious trustee who has served the village for 22 years. As with any governing board, there can be personality conflicts.

The criticisms and distortions of the situation are not helpful in solving the difficulties of Grantwood Village. Has Michael C. Wendl ever attended a Grantwood Village meeting?

Marian C. Marty

Grantwood Village