No shortage of candidates for Most Misguided Quotes

‘Call the Tune’ by Mike Anthony

By Mike Anthony

We had no shortage of candidates for the Call’s Most Misguided Quotes during the second quarter of the year.

Consider these second-quarter candidates for our annual tradition in which we chronicle the most misguided, misinformed and misleading statements of the year.

After the April election in which four candidates endorsed by the Lindbergh National Education Association were elected to the Lindbergh Board of Education, association President Kim Scronce announced teachers had voted to stop working to contract.

We have to wonder where that so-called loyalty was the past two years in which LNEA leadership accused board members and administrators of not bargaining in good faith, even making noises about taking legal action against the district, though that was never pursued. Where was that loyalty to students and parents in July 2016 when teachers announced their decision to work to contract, as ultimately more than 30 major activities eventually were canceled because teachers refused to participate in them?

In May, the city of Crestwood filed suit against the Affton Fire Protection District challenging the constitutionality of two state laws requiring the city to make annual payments to the district.

Yet how does that differ from the $25 million in tax incentives the Board of Aldermen voted to award a developer to redevelop the former Crestwood mall site? Lindbergh officials estimate the school district stands to lose $9 million over a 15-year period as a result of the incentives.

The irony’s certainly not lost on us that Lindbergh and other taxing bodies had no representation whatsoever in the Board of Aldermen’s vote to grant the tax incentives.