No need to spend money to replace Tesson Ferry Branch Library

To the editor:

I read with interest information in your publication regarding the potential closure of the Tesson Ferry Branch County Library when a new library will be built near Grant’s Farm.

Some of the articles I have been reading indicated the building was in bad shape — sinkholes were mentioned. Reading these articles, apparently composed by advocates of the new library, I concluded that the building might soon be incapable of serving the public.

This sounded strange to me, so on one of my recent library visits I checked over the building inside and out. I found no cracks in the brick walls indicating any settling, let alone sinkholes. The restrooms were modern and well-maintained, and everything in the building seemed to be in perfect order.

Then in the Sept. 26 issue of the Call I read that voters last fall had approved the St. Louis County Library’s Proposition L, a tax-rate increase of 6 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. The additional money was to be used for construction, renovation and upgrades.

I wouldn’t argue about renovation and upgrades if they are needed, but I wonder how many of us who voted for Proposition L thought that decision might cause us to lose the Tesson Ferry Branch? I believe most of the voters, especially those in Green Park and people living south of Lindbergh Boulevard, want to keep the Tesson Ferry Branch County Library open, just where it is.

There is no need to spend taxpayers’ money on a wasteful project that people don’t want or need.

Howard Brandt