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No discrimination against gays at Cor Jesu, former teacher writes

To the editor:

I cannot believe all the inaccuracies in Gloria Lloyd’s recent article about Cor Jesu Academy.

It seems obvious to me that she has no clue about Cor Jesu or the Catholic religion. I taught at Cor Jesu Academy, my daughter is a graduate and my granddaughter currently attends Cor Jesu.

Olivia Reichert was a physical education teacher and a graduate of Cor Jesu, as you stated. Christina Gambaro was a coach, but she was not a full-time teacher as Ms. Lloyd led readers to believe.

Ms. Gambaro substituted for a social studies teacher once.

I was at Cor Jesu on Friday, Sept. 5, and saw the individuals on Gravois with their signs. In her failure to tell the whole story, Ms. Lloyd neglected to mention that while a handful of protesters were lined up on Gravois Road that morning, Cor Jesu’s gym was filled with students, parents, friends and supporters celebrating the beginning of the school year with a beautiful Mass of the Holy Spirit.

Many people who were honking their horns that morning were honking in support of the school, not the individuals on the street outside. Ms. Lloyd failed to report that there was also a woman outside with a sign supporting Cor Jesu.

She quoted Marek Bozek, who identified himself as a Catholic priest. However, Bozek was excommunicated from the Catholic Church and his church, St. Stanislaus, is no longer a Catholic Church.

I did not see anyone else among the protestors with a Roman collar like Bozek was wearing, so it was inaccurate of Ms. Lloyd to use the plural “priests” in her article.

When I worked at Cor Jesu, I was with gay teachers and taught gay students. No gay person has been discriminated against at Cor Jesu. Students are repeatedly told by faculty and staff that they are loved for who they are.

Olivia Reichert and Christina Gambaro were let go because they violated their contracts and they knew it. They, along with others who do not understand the standards that Catholic teachers must abide by, are trying to harm Cor Jesu because Cor Jesu did what it had to do.

CJA all the way.

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