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Neighbors are opposed to gas station up for a vote in Sunset Hills


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

What is your position on the proposed gas station/car wash/drive-thru on East Watson and Lindbergh?

Are Sunset Hills Ward 1 Alderman Dee Baebler and Mayor Pat Fribis going against past support of the preferences of our residents?

All of the homes near and most of the neighbors located along and connecting to East Watson remain strongly opposed to this extremely high-volume use of a prime corner of the city for a variety of reasons.

This project as proposed does not incorporate any of the adjacent existing retail ingress and egress onto Lindbergh Boulevard — it just shoves all the traffic onto a residential street and allows for no safe way for traffic to get back to Lindbergh.

Also, the proposed improvements for “outflow” are questionable at best and will gain no improvement in outflow, despite physical improvements.

This project also sets up the corner for a non-desirable use — visitors and citizens can watch people vacuum and clean their cars and listen to traffic/people buying liquor/snacks 24-7?

There will be no reprieve on weekends and holidays from lights, noise, traffic and trash.

Approval of this project seems to be a hoped-for solution for a questionable lawsuit against the city, but residents beg you to hold out for a reasonable solution before ruining this intersection with the (basically) first proposal that has tied up everyone’s time and energy for too long.

Even this same proposal could be improved by scaling it back and/or trying to use or connect to the retail shops to the south.

The developer has provided no protection to the neighborhood. We don’t have a cornfield buffer or middle turn lanes and shoulders for safe ingress and egress like the developer’s existing car wash in Chesterfield Valley.

Kathryn Heese
Sunset Hills

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