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Nearly 100 neighbors get the scoop on resident’s award-winning essay

Nearly 100 neighbors came to the Wood-worth Lane home of Anthony and Lisa Hunt in Concord Saturday evening to get the scoop on Lisa’s national award-winning essay.

Edy’s Ice Cream last May launched its Two Scoop Neighborhood Salute, a contest that awarded 1,500 block parties like the one the Hunts presented to their neighborhood. Material circulated by the company cited a recent survey that concluded that more than 30 percent of Americans did not know their neighbors’ first or last names.

“It caught my eye because ice cream is my favorite thing,” Lisa said. “Every night I have to have ice cream.”

Though Lisa had never won a writing contest before, she had a plan to win the ice cream, especially her favorite — choc-olate chip.

“I thought for sure that if I wrote in regular prose I would get lost in the shuffle, so I wrote in verse,” she told the Call. “I’ve just written Christmas card poems in the past, fun stuff for the family.”

She began her entry:

Since ice cream is my favorite treat

And there are neighbors who I still want to meet,

I decided to enter this Edy’s contest

To win a neighborhood ice cream fest!

She ended her entry with:

If we win, I’ll be sure to make this party an annual to-do,

Eating ice cream with our neighbors in the heart of old St. Lou!

“There were a lot of prizes being given out, so I thought I’d have a shot,” Lisa said. “I don’t enter many contests. When my dad found out I’d won all this ice cream, he said I better save him the rocky road. I told him he’s getting butter pecan.”

And did she meet her neighbors?

“I invited neighbors I didn’t really know,” she said. “We just met one couple for the first time. That was the point of it.”

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