MotoMart is not a good use of a vacant property, says letter writer


To the editor:

My letter is in response to the St. Louis County Council recommending approval of MotoMart at Kinswwod and I-255.

I have lived in this area, off Kinswood, since 1959, prior to there being a Kingswood or I-255. Therefore, I know the history of the area.

I’m positive we who live here will be the last to use the station. We deal with the gravel trucks and their dirt everyday from Bussen Quarry. Why would we wash our cars and fill our tanks while standing in this dust?

I suppose MotoMart is planning on those quarry trucks to be their best customers.

I believe this is a farce by the Planning Commission to increase the commercial tax base at the expense of people of this area.

Their time may be better spent trying to find occupants for some of the vacant buildings, such as KMart.

Joyce Harris