Moisture buildup can damage your home

While building tight, energy-efficient homes is generally necessary, unintended consequences can result.

Such homes can experience interior moisture buildup, resulting in uncomfortable living conditions, homeowner health issues and, in extreme cases, significant structural damage.

Industry experts say the result is a need to consider home moisture control.

Most air-conditioning equipment will not have the capability of removing the moisture load without overcooling the space — a condition likely to result in other problems, according to a leading expert on high-performance home building techniques.

Supplemental dehumidification can complement the capability of the air-conditioning system to remove moisture from air within the conditioned space.

Many people think that high moisture occurs only during warm weather, but the most critical times of the year to address humidity issues are spring and fall, when temperatures are moderate and outdoor humidity levels are high.

High humidity levels can affect your comfort by causing you to feel either hot and sticky or cold and clammy, while also contributing to bad odors in the house.

They also can be bad for wood floors, furniture, artwork, electronics and even the overall structure of the home.

Maintaining proper humidity levels and providing controlled fresh air also are important steps in protecting your health.

Poor indoor air quality can cause eye irritation, allergies, headaches and respiratory problems such as asthma.

To help, a leading brand of whole-house ventilating dehumidifiers offers a solution that is both effective and energy efficient.

The company’s full line of ventilating dehumidifiers addresses interior moisture issues as well as fresh air ventilation needs in a single, high-efficiency system.

Installed by HVAC professionals to work in conjunction with the air-conditioning system, the units can provide comfort and good indoor air quality. The units are designed to provide effective moisture control, fresh air ventilation and high-efficiency air filtration to the entire home.