Missouri ‘ShakeOut’ drill scheduled for Oct. 21


As part of an effort to increase earthquake preparedness along the New Madrid Fault, the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency is hosting the 2021 statewide “ShakeOut” drill.

The drill is set for Oct. 21 at 10:21 a.m. Participating schools, businesses or organizations will have members drop their hands and knees, cover heads and necks with arms under a table and hold on until the “shaking” stops. The technique is appropriately titled “Drop, Cover and Hold On.”

According to a press release by SEMA, falling debris is the largest cause of injury in an earthquake and the “Drop, Cover and Hold On” technique is the best way to avoid injury.

“The devastating Haiti earthquake that left more than 50,000 homeless last month is a reminder of the destructive force of catastrophic earthquakes and that quakes strike without warning,” State Emergency Management Agency Director Jim Remillard said. “Preparedness prior to an earthquake of any size is critical to staying safe. Participating in the ShakeOut drill and practicing now prepares children and adults alike for what to do when shaking starts.”

Thirteen other participating states join Missouri along the fault line/seismic zone. To sign up for the ShakeOut, visit www.shakeout.org/centralus