Milligan column on Oakville dress codes is a ‘great example of irony’


Letter to the Editor

To the editor and to Bill Milligan:

Your opinion piece of Sept. 13 on dress codes, “Common sense no longer welcome at Oakville High,” was a great example of irony. Or maybe it’s hypocrisy. Or perhaps it was a simple knee-jerk reaction to to a story about a group of people whose opinion you don’t agree with… and you decided to literally write them off and dismiss their opinions.

As a parent of a high-school student, I have no problem with school dress codes.

I do have a problem with crude and vulgar language used by an administrator that focuses the dress code on girls only. This is the issue – the crass, sexist language used.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the space here to address your statement “girls should not appear in public immodestly dressed.” That is a separate issue and shouldn’t be conflated with this incident.

I also would like to ask why many folks, when working up their rage about an opposing opinion, always include the line, “Don’t they have a J.O.B.?”

First, I’m not sure why you have to spell it out. Second, I do have a job. I actually have two – with my most important job being a parent. It’s one I work at diligently every day and why I and many others felt compelled to speak up about this situation.

While you bemoan that “political correctness” has come to south county, others will call it “common decency.” When we can treat everyone with respect, we won’t have to worry about dress codes. We can focus on tackling real issues in our community.

Vicki Boutwell