MFPD board treasurer urges voters to support Ed Ryan April 3

To the editor:

I would like to encourage the residents of the Mehlville Fire Protection District to come out and vote on April 3. No matter what your view, voting is what makes this country work.

I want to thank the residents for the opportunity to serve on the board for the past two years. I feel much has been accomplished, but as shown in the articles in the Call over the last few weeks, there is still much to do for the remainder of my term.

Unfortunately, Aaron (Hilmer) and I have had roadblocks in the form of lawsuits thrown in our way while trying to reduce the liability of the taxpayer of the indebtedness of the pension and disability program that is currently in place at the district.

We will continue to stay the course in order to follow the mandate you gave us by electing us to office on a platform of reform.

I look forward, with your help after the election, to work with Ed Ryan. He will be such a great addition to the board. As an engineer, he has experience in many projects and will be an asset as we go forward with building the new house No. 2 and other construction in the future.

He has expressed a desire to work for the taxpayers of the district by continuing the work of enhancing the district through fiscal responsibility, increased services and repairing or replacing buildings that have been left to deteriorate over the years. He is also going to work with us to bring the tax-decrease issue back before you, the voters.

I am asking you to support his candidacy and vote for him on April 3.

Bonnie Stegman

Board of Directors treasurer

Mehlville Fire Protection District