Mehlville tax hike could cause some to trim food, medical expenses

To the editor:

Mr. Brett A. Boyle apparently does not know what it is like to try to live on a fixed income with no increase for two years, watching their stock income drop and trying to live as accustomed while food, utilities, gasoline, taxes, et cetera, continue to rise with no end in sight.

Paying $338 more per year may be of no consequence to him, but to many of us it may mean cutting back on medical expenses and food. Virginia Kozel told it like it was. Maybe his daughter needs to learn the value of a dollar. Kids, because of parents who turn up their noses at reasonable clothing and encourage their children to believe that paying for a name is the thing to do, are at the root of much of children’s bad behavior.

If they weren’t so focused on how they look, they might learn something. If his daughter hates J.C. Penney, maybe she should try GW Boutique. Maybe Mehlville could use some of that money they have that they were going to give Mr. Noble for the improvements they say they need.

Joan Terry