Mehlville School District students can’t wait to see Santa Claus this year


Hagemann Elementary School students tell Santa what they want for Christmas.
From Jophy: I am looking forward to
your visit. I would like many things for
Christmas. I want a Minecraft Story Mode
2, as well as I want a pet dog. Finally, I
want a pet fish. I have been a good girl this
year so I think I deserve these presents.
From Tarik: I would like all of the Dogman
books as well as Rocket League PS4.
Finally I want a red Nike jacket. I have
been a good boy this year.
From Noah: I would like a giant-size
Godzilla and a LEGO Dimensions fun
pack, plus a custom Predator minifigure
and brick Predator.
I’m honest. When you come down the
chimney, please look in the kitchen. I am
going to leave cookies and milk on the
table for you.
From Jackson: I would like Pokemon
cards and a blue iPad. I have been a good
boy this year because I helped my mom.
Thank you, Santa. I am very excited.
From Emma: Christmas is coming and
I recommend these presents. First of all,
a scholarship to college. You know, to be
ready. Second, Percy Jackson series books.
They are magically awesome. Finally,
math books. Math is awesome. I was honest
a lot this year.
From Khloe: I am looking forward to
your visit. First of all, I would like an
iPhone 7 as well as a choker necklace. I
have been a good girl this year by being
respectful of others and picking up my
From Cecily: I would like many things
for Christmas. First of all, I want a slime
kit, and I would like crafts as well. Finally,
I would like a stuffed animal like my dog.
Thank you Santa. I am very excited.
From Grant: I’ve been waiting for you
all year! You have made Jesus’ birthday
even better. Please thank your elves for
all the toys they have made year-round. I
would like a Raichu Rainbow Rare Pokemon
and a Sun and Moon Booster Box.
Wohlwend Elementary School students tell Santa what they want for Christmas.
From Dylin: What cookies do you like?
I have been good at home. I’m sorry but I
want a PlayStation 4. I believe in you!
I am sorry that people don’t believe in
you. Christmas isn’t about presents. It’s
about loving and caring and laughing and
having fun.
From Axel: How are you Santa? I
hope you are safe on Christmas. I think
Christmas is to believe in Santa and family.
For Christmas I want an XBox One and a
Nike shirt.
From Sophia: I want “Barbie Life in the
Dreamhouse.” Also a Barbie bookbag with
school stuff in it. Also a Play-Doh set.
Also an iPod.
From Anna: Christmas is almost here.
I hope you have all the presents ready
for boys and girls. But what I want for
Christmas is 100x large panda and get me
anything else but Hello Kitty. I would also
like $1,000.
From Aven: Ho, ho, ho, Santa.
I love Christmas because of Santa Claus
and Mrs. Claus. What I want is books,
I love you Santa and Mrs. Claus. I really,
really believe in you both. I also want a
Barbie Farm set.
From Ruby: I’m 8 years old. Me and
Lucie got our ears pierced. How are you
and Mrs. Claus and the elves and the
reindeer? Can I have earrings for me and
Lucie? And 10 dog bones for Bowie?
I’d like a dog bed for Ringo and dog toys
for Rusty. Be careful because Bowie has
very sharp teeth and he gets really excited
when people walk in.
From Conrad: How are the reindeer?
Which one is your favorite? Mine is
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.
Which color is your favorite? I’m guessing
red because you are mostly red. I hope
you have a good Christmas.
From Gabriella: How are you doing in
the workshop? Just to warn you, my cat
might bite you. She is very defensive.
Will you get some blankets for kids with
cancer? How is Mrs. Claus doing? I love
From Edna: How old are you? Please
tell me. I won’t tell anyone. Can you get
me a roaring tiger? It comes with a chicken.
Thank you for what you do, Santa.
From Gianna: How do you get your
work done so quickly? I have been good
for most of the year and a little bad.
I have an idea. You could have the gentle
elves work on the fragile stuff. The nongentle
elves can work on the non-gentle
stuff. I wish for you to help my friend’s
grandma get well.
From Addrian: Before I even speak I
just want to say I love Christmas! I want a
Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO set. Have
a Merry Christmas, Santa!
Oakville Elementary School students tell Santa what they want for Christmas.
From Giahha: Can you please bring me
a makeup set? I never tell on people. I am
a good friend. I am nice to people. I want
a new Barbie and I want a new kitchen set.
From Kerim: I have been good at home.
Can I please have a hoverboard and
LEGO toys? Please and thank you.
From Noah: I am nice. I am good. I love
my school. How did you get your magic? I
want a Magic 8 Ball for Christmas.
From Paige: You are the best. Please
will you give me an art desk like Alexa’s
art desk and other toys, please.
From Lucas: You are the best. You are
the greatest. I want a real pony. I want a
real donkey.
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