Mehlville board secretary sets record straight on teachers’ salaries

To the editor:

In the Call’s June 19 article, “Palamand, Trakas oppose pay hike in an attempt to slow deficit spending,” I was quoted as saying Mehlville School District teachers’ salaries were higher than districts like Ladue.

I understand how confusing some of the language can be as we compare data using terms like per capita, assessed values, medians and averages. My constituents appreciate that I am thorough in my thoughts and careful in my speech, and so I want to set the record straight.

I did say MSD’s average teacher salary of $56,000 compared favorably to MSD’s per capita — average income per resident — of $33,000. I further made the point that MSD’s average teacher salary, plus benefit package — 23 percent, per Chief Financial Officer Marshall Crutcher — equals approximately $69,000, which compares favorably to the Ladue School District’s per capita of $67,000.

Call readers can watch the video of the June 12 board meeting at


So even though the rhetoric among some in this district maintains our teachers are not adequately compensated, I would argue that simply is not true when compared to similar facts, both socially and geographically.

My goal is someday our community and teachers will be able to work in harmony, focusing solely on higher educational results for MSD students.