Media should stay on city, developer on Crestwood mall progress


To the editor:

Last May the news on the Crestwood mall redevelopment included a promise to grade the property. But the grass on the dirt hills gracing the former home of the UltraMall is taller than wild grasslands.

No information is reported by this paper on a regular basis, and no action plan has been made public by the city of Crestwood or the developers.

I call on the local newspapers to hold the latter two accountable by tracking progress, obtaining updates and keeping the taxpayers of Crestwood informed.

I am 100 percent behind redevelopment and attracting builders with tax-increment financing, or TIF.

Something has gone off the rails, and by the little information available, it seems as though no one really cares.

I hope I am wrong in this assumption.

Jeffrey T. Scherrer


Editor’s note: The Call ran articles on the mall Aug. 9, online July 26, and before that, print articles published May 19, May  4, March 9 and several in February, along with articles mentioning the mall in this issue, twice in June and twice in April.