Mayoral candidate Lieber is a “consensus-builder”

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

We join the current Board of Aldermen in offering our endorsement of Ward 2 Alderman Christine Lieber for mayor of Sunset Hills.

We have observed extraordinary efforts by Alderman Lieber to vigorously represent resident interests in regard to lot sizes, financial transparency, prudent use of tax dollars and the water tower among others. We share her concerns about the $1.5 million deficit for 2022 and the record number of lawsuits that endanger our city services such as the rugby lawsuit that could be very costly.

It is unfortunate that her opponent’s campaign makes false allegations and misrepresentations against the board’s genuine efforts to improve our city. We need leadership that is focused on our city, not political gain.

Alderman Lieber is a consensus-builder and takes charge of issues with a firm hand and we look forward to her leadership of our city.

Please join me us in voting for her on April 5.

John and Gena Stephens
Sunset Hills

Editor’s note: John unsuccessfully campaigned for mayor of Sunset Hills in 2020.