Mayor, three citizens applauded for presentations to Crestwood panel

To the editor:

A large tip of the hat is due to Crestwood Mayor Jeff Schlink, Martha Duchild, Steve Nieder and Dr. David Brophy for their attending the short-notice meeting of Crestwood’s Civil Service Board held on Dec. 21.

Without their presentations to the Civil Service Board it is quite possible that City Administrator Petree Eastman’s requested bonus or “pay adjustment” would have passed, just days before the last major retailer — Sears — in Crestwood Court announced it would be closing, an event that will only increase the serious cash-flow problems facing Crestwood.

Due to Dr. Brophy’s report comparing the average Crestwood city employee’s income versus the average income a Crestwood senior citizen receives from Social Security, Ms. Duchild’s suggestion that the former pay plan be reinstated, to Mr. Nieder’s review of the city’s budget history and Mayor Schlink’s standing firm on his promises, this poorly thought out, poorly timed, ill-planned one-time fix was avoided.

As Mayor Schlink said, a “big-picture” approach to solving the employee compensation issue is the best way to address this for the good of the Crestwood citizens and the Crestwood employees.

Tim Trueblood


Editor’s note: Mr. Trueblood served as a Crestwood Ward 2 alderman from 1993 to 2006, when he stepped down due to term limits.