Maybe Lemay Ferry Road should be called ‘The Yellow Brick Road’

To the editor:

With a 24-percent pay hike, I suppose the economy is on roll — not to mention a $25,000 interest-bearing account Mehlville Superintendent Terry Noble gets if he remains through the end of his contract and a $10,000 moving allowance.

How many of you taxpaying citizens in this school district get that kind of deal at your job, if you have one. Can someone explain in exact written detail just why this position deserves all this compensation and still needs six assistant administrators?

Honestly, just what does this person have at risk to justify this excessive expense?

The economy is in the tank. Ask the auto worker, union tradesmen and yes, the teachers that have been laid off or dismissed because there is not enough work or funds to support them.

Ask the small-business owner who can’t get credit to expand their business or even keep the doors open why they have to take cuts in pay or no pay at all. And the Mehlville Board of Education gives a person a 24-percent hike in pay. I can’t remember when we the taxpayers work, the fortunate ones at least, every day for the superintendent and his assistants.

Maybe Lemay Ferry Road should be called “The Yellow Brick Road.”

Greg Frigerio

south county