Marquette Mustangs clip Flyers’ wings 22-16

Lindbergh football team set to face Fox Friday night

By Robert Chalupny

The Lindbergh High School varsity football team visited Marquette Friday night with the goal of spoiling the Mustangs’ homecoming celebration, but fell short by six points.

The 1-5 Flyers fell to Marquette 22-16 in a close game that ended with an attempted comeback by Lindbergh.

Lindbergh allowed two touchdowns in the first half, while scoring none.

The Flyers returned in the second half with valiant effort, outscoring Marquette 16-8, but they couldn’t get it finished.

Flyers head coach Tom Beauchamp told the Call that his squad played well, but just couldn’t catch any breaks.

“I thought again our kids were playing hard. We just aren’t getting the breaks we need to get sometimes, and the kids battled,” he said. “They played hard, and one break — one way or the other — made all the difference in the world, winning or losing. It was another one of those games like last week.

“We were in it the whole way, and, in fact, the first half we were looking kind of peaked 14-0 … Then the boys came out for the second half and played very well. We held them down and we scored 16 points, so they are playing well.”

Beauchamp continued, “… The parity is there in the conference right now and everything is pretty level, most places. There’s a couple teams that stand up above, but everybody else is pretty even, and it’s just the breaks of the night sometimes.”

With just one win in six games, Lindbergh fans and players are no doubt frustrated.

But the Flyers still have time to inch their way to the other side of the scoreboard a few more times before the regular season ends. With the new playoff structure, every team makes the playoffs and every game is an elimination game from the beginning.

So if the Flyers can find a way to win, they can stay in it, according to the Lind-bergh coach.

Despite the bad breaks, Beauchamp sees some positives from the close games the Flyers have been involved in this season.

His team’s resolve hasn’t changed and the Flyers are still getting a good high school football experience.

“We are very consistent in a lot of what we do defensively, and offensively we did have some bright lights where we did some good things,” Beauchamp said about the Marquette game. “I take away that our kids aren’t giving up. They’re not throwing in the towel, and they are going to play hard and they are not going to quit doing that.

“I think that’s a good statement in high school football — regardless of all else, when you’re in the game and you’re battling the whole time, there’s no letdown and there’s nobody packing up the tent — it’s a positive thing in high school football, win, lose or draw.”

On Friday, the Flyers will host 2-4 Fox and vie for their second victory of the season. However, because of the parity in the league, it’s not going to be easy, according to Beauchamp.

“We’ve got Fox and they are in the same place as the rest of the teams we’ve played lately … They’re a pretty good team and we’re in the same boat they are. I think they have more wins than we have, so we’re going to have to come to play,” he said.

“We just got to get a chance to get some of the breaks to go our way and that hasn’t happened very much lately … Sometimes you got to make your own breaks, and I think we got to start manufacturing some breaks and get some things done.”