Making small sacrifices can help solve problems of global proportions

Kudos and thank you to David Ammons for addressing the issue of chauffeuring children to school.

How will our children appreciate and understand the seriousness of global climate change and our dangerous dependence on foreign oil if we don’t demonstrate it by our actions? Talk and lectures come cheap. We must all make the many small sacrifices it will take to help solve this crisis.

Yes, compared to many of the large problems those less fortunate than us face daily, taking the bus to school — or even making an effort to carpool — is a small sacrifice.

Turning lights off when leaving the room is a small sacrifice. Unplugging cell-phone chargers when not in use is a small sacrifice.

Consolidating shopping trips is a small sacrifice. Walking, biking or taking mass transit is a small sacrifice. Recycling paper, aluminum or plastic is a small sacrifice.

Lowering the thermostat or putting on a sweater in winter is a small sacrifice. Using air conditioning less in the spring and summer is a small sacrifice. Enough small sacrifices on everyone’s part will make a difference, but everyone must help.

S.M. Nauert

south county