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Longtime Green Park critic unopposed for board seat

‘Call the Tune’ by Mike Anthony

All four candidates seeking election in the city of Green Park on April 7 are now unopposed.

Mayor Bob Reinagel is unopposed in his re-election bid to a second two-year term. He was appointed to the post after the resignation of former Mayor Tony Konopka in 2012 and elected to a full two-year term in 2013.

Aldermanic seats held by Tony Pousosa of Ward 1, Tim Thuston of Ward 2 and Joe Monteleone of Ward 3 are up for election.

Both Thuston and Montelone are unopposed in their re-election bids.

Pousosa had filed for re-election, but withdrew his candidacy Jan. 22 after Republican officials selected him the previous day to seek the 6th District County Council seat formerly held by County Executive Steve Stenger, D-Affton.

Pousosa and Oakville resident Kevin O’Leary, who was selected Jan. 22 as the Democratic nominee for the 6th District council seat, will square off in the April election.

Michael Broughton, who had filed to challenge Pousosa in Green Park’s Ward 1, is now unopposed.

In 2005, Broughton ran unsuccessfully against Reinagel for the Ward 1 aldermanic seat.

Given their past service, residents pretty much know what to expect from Reinagel, Thuston and Monteleone.

The same can’t be said of Broughton, who we believe will bring a unique perspective to city business, as indicated in the many letters he’s written to this publication and others.

For example, Broughton wrote in 2008, “I sincerely regret having purchased a home in Green Park, the little city that could be the glistening gem of south county, but chooses to be Clown City instead.”

In 2011, he wrote, “The city of Green Park could be a progressive, first-rate community with desirable amenities, stable property values and a clean, well-kept infrastructure and environment. It could be a place where people want to work, live and raise their kids and where businesses want to locate. But the city is destined never to achieve these things with the arrogant, incompetent leadership displayed the past four years by Tony Konopka and his inept administration.”

Barring the outside chance of a write-in candidate, Broughton almost certainly will be elected.

Given his criticism over the years of the city’s elected officials and their performance in office, it will be very interesting to see how Broughton fares in making Green Park “the glistening gem of south county.”

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