Local couple find Noble to be asset to community

Last Saturday morning — Sept. 22 — we had a wonderful conversation with Mr. Terry Noble, superintendent of the Mehlville School District, and two Board of Education members, Mr. Karl Frank Jr. and Mr. Venki Palamand, at the St. Louis Bread Co. near the South County mall.

They call these “Saturday Morning Café” sessions and this was a great opportunity to meet and talk with these individuals in a very informal setting. I would encourage anybody who has complaints, praise or ideas relative to the Mehlville School District to attend one of these sessions.

All three were receptive to our ideas and comments.

We found Mr. Noble to be an open and attentive individual who appreciates input from everybody — even if you don’t have children enrolled at Mehlville.

We came away from the meeting feeling that Mr. Noble is a strong asset to this community.

Barrett and Sally Thiele