Lindbergh student weighs the pros and cons of energy drinks

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

My name is Audrey Branding and I am a student at Lindbergh High School. Last semester in my human anatomy and physiology class I researched the effects energy drinks have on the overall health of people. As a result of my research I have learned that energy drinks have both positive and negative effects on your overall health.

I will start this out by explaining the negative effects of drinking energy drinks. Energy drinks can cause damage to your body in many ways. For example the chemicals and caffeine found in energy drinks can cause damage to your digestive system and liver. Another way energy drinks can have negative effects on your health is your mental health. For example energy drinks can cause a major increase in anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Studies have shown energy drinks cause an increase in severe stress and suicidal thoughts.

On the other hand energy drinks can also have positive effects on your overall health. For example, energy drinks can cause a boost in your performance in sports and school. According to an article by Qassim University energy drinks can cause an improvement in your memory, increased alertness, and an elevated mood.

Since energy drinks have become so important and popular in today’s society I feel it is important to understand the pros and cons of drinking energy drinks and caffeine. After lots of research and analyzing the facts, people can make their decisions regarding the consumption of energy drinks.

Thank you for your time.

Audrey Branding
Sunset Hills