Lindbergh High students complete CERT training

Students say training a real hands-on experience

Bill Milligan photo

Bill Milligan photo


More than a dozen Lindbergh High School students recently completed training for the Community Emergency Response Team at the Mehlville Fire Protection District’s No. 5 house on Mueller Road in Green Park.

The three-day course specialized in disaster preparedness, emergency preparedness, fire safety, fire suppression, disaster medical operations, learning how to triage, treat patients, search and rescue, terrorism and team organization. This is the second Teen CERT class completed in the metropolitan area and the first in south county.

“If we ever have an event, we will have people trained who can help out the staff members,” said Deborah Artman, lead nurse and safety coordinator for the Lindbergh School District. “Students will be integrated into emergency plans at the high school.”

The CERT training brought earlier experiences into focus for the students.

“We learned a lot more than in Boy Scouts,” sophomore Matt Deposki said. “There we learned first aid, but in this situation we learned how to apply it all. It was a lot more useful.”

The training gave Lindbergh High students newfound strength.

“I learned how to pick up 900 pounds using wood and leverage,” sophomore Jennifer Jung said. “You can save someone by using what you have around. I’ve never really done anything with these people before, but we learned to work as a team.”

“Teachers don’t give instructions like this,” junior Andrew Venable said. “When there is an emergency, it’s different than sitting in a classroom.

“This is a great program. It’s hands-on.”

“I’m interested in an emergency service career,” junior Daniel Ploesser said. “I’m working toward my Eagle Scout, now. I’m a lifeguard in summer. If there is ever an emergency situation, I would do what I could to help.”