Lindbergh High soccer team planning a well-rounded attack for ’13 success

Lindbergh High boys soccer coach Andrew Mertens believes the work ethic of his players will be the key to his teams success this year.

Lindbergh High boys’ soccer coach Andrew Mertens believes the work ethic of his players will be the key to his team’s success this year.

By Robert Chalupny

Incorporating a full-team dynamic into its strategy is how the Lindbergh High School varsity soccer team expects to achieve success in 2013.

Many clubs in high school soccer have that one superstar who helps carry a team in scoring, but the Flyers are counting on a well-rounded attack, according to second-year head coach Andrew Mertens.

“Going forward, I don’t see us having that superstar that a lot of teams have,” Mertens told the Call. “I see us more along that team aspect, where if we’re going to have success, it’s going to be that we are working together and working hard to try and accomplish that common goal.

“I just don’t see us having that takeover player,” Mertens added.

Despite not having that takeover player this year, Lindbergh soccer fans can be optimistic with 10 seniors returning to the varsity roster.

“I think we’ll have a decent season, a pretty good season,” Mertens said. “They are hard workers. The attitude seems to be in the right place.

“They’ve showed up for a lot of the summer stuff. They’ve been working out a lot on their own independently. So coming in as a team, I think we are in pretty good shape at least in relation to other years past.”

A few returning players who are expected to impact the Flyers’ run in 2013 are seniors Blake Brockhaus and Luke Meyer and junior Pete Arends.

“They are a very strong group of kids, hard workers, pretty hungry as a group. They are looking to make an impact. That’s for sure,” Mertens said of his whole squad.

Fitness and attitude are definitely going to be strengths. One obstacle, if it can even be called that, is the Flyers will have to contend with not having a lot of size. But with every problem comes a solution and that’s the Flyers’ work ethic, Mertens said.

“… We are going to grind out a lot of games,” the coach said.