Lindbergh girls’ volleyball team defeats Mehlville


The Lindbergh High School girls’ volleyball squad notched another victory on home turf as the Flyers took out the Mehlville Panthers 2-0 in a recent match.

Flyers head coach Johnna Wieter said she was pleased with the win and the opportunity to better develop her squad.

“My girls passed well. We played well,” Wieter said. “I got to try some different people in different positions they don’t normally play.”

The Flyers went on to play Nerinx Hall last week and won 2-0, improving their record to 17-8.

Mehlville lost to Northwest, dropping to 6-14 overall.

Wieter told the Call she is excited about how the season has gone so far.

“We are having a good season. Last week was not a good week for us. We had the lead in both matches we were playing in and we let it go. I don’t know why,” she said. “… This weekend we played at Lebanon in a tournament and we played some great teams out there and ended up fourth … (We) lost to the tournament champions in games and they were both really close.

“We did play well this weekend. We have ups and downs like everybody else, but when my girls are all on and we play together, we look really good,” Wieter added.

The Flyers will finish the regular season this week with games against Oakville and Webster Groves and then move to the playoffs.

Wieter said she was optimistic about her team’s chances in the playoffs.

“We are a contender, that’s for sure. I feel that we should be playing in the finals,” Wieter said. “So my team’s good enough. Now whether we decide to play that night like we can is another thing. We’ve all got to be playing well because we’re not big. Defense is our game, keeping the ball in play

That’s our game. So if we do that, those are our strengths (and) we can take anybody.”