Lindbergh boys’ soccer squad shuts out Fox


The Lindbergh High School boys’ soccer team notched its 10th victory of the season last week when the Flyers traveled to Fox and crushed the Warriors 5-0.

The 10-8 Flyers came out of the gates ready to play Oct. 20 and put pressure on Fox (7-16) early in the game. Flyers midfielder Patrick Ries, who scored two goals in the game, did just that as he scored the game-winner just 4:21 into the contest.

“There was a throw in and my coach over here told me to get in this one. So I watched the ball, watched it bounce over a guy’s head and I pounced on it and got a goal,” Ries said. “It’s really good. It’s a big motivator.

“It helped us win the game, obviously. We kept it going,” Ries said, noting how important it is to score that first goal.

Flyers head coach Scott Luczak said he believes it’s crucial to get that first goal.

“It’s huge. It sets the momentum. What we want to do is come out here and get one early and just keep going,” he said. “Playing them on their home field, who knows what can happen? … They’ve got a pretty good squad. They’ve got some dangerous guys. So we knew it wasn’t going to be laid back. We knew we had to give them a good game.”

Ries added his second goal of the game toward the end of the first half with 5:25 left on the clock.

Lindbergh continued the scoring in the second with goals from Alex Brown, Mitch Arends and Nathan Merkel.

Luczak said he was pleased with the overall performance of his squad.

“I thought we came out and put some pressure on them right away. We weren’t taking them lightly at all and I know they’re not a 5-0 team … We just kind of came out and got after them a little bit and things were working for us …,” he said, adding that Fox fell 2-1 to Oakville two days earlier.

“They have some confidence. They’ve been playing well lately. So we knew that we had to come out and do the same,” Luczak added.

Even after getting a big lead over the Warriors, the Flyers kept their intensity level where it needed to be, he said.

Certainly with playoffs just around the corner, the Flyers are hoping to hone their skills and play their best soccer.

“Every night is a different night,” Luczak said. “We’ve had some really good games where you hit me one night and I’ll say: Yeah, we can go as far as this team wants to go, and other nights I’m thinking we could get blown out in the first game ..”

Based on past seasons, he said, “I know better than to try to predict anything because we’ve had some really good teams and been out in the first round, but maybe this team can just get on a roll and get hot at the right time (and) be hungry enough to do some damage. We’ll have to see.”

The Flyers were set to face Webster Groves Monday — after the Call went to press — and are scheduled to play Wentzville today — Oct. 27 — for the final two games of the regular season.