Lindbergh board nominated for ’08 award

Thirty-three Missouri school boards, including the Lindbergh Board of Education, have been nominated for the 2008 Outstanding Board of Education Award sponsored by the Missouri School Boards Association.

To qualify as nominees, school boards must meet the following criteria:

• Must be MSBA members.

• All board members must have completed the 16 hours of essential board training provided by MSBA or grandfathered from the requirement.

• Represented at each of the past three annual conferences.

• Identified by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in the top half of all Missouri districts in both status and progress for all 14 K-12 or seven K-8 parameters of the state’s Annual Performance Report.

The Lindbergh school board was one of six finalists for the 2007 honor. The 2008 winner will be announced in October at the MSBA annual conference.