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LGB! says reader to Oakville writer who objected to Cup celebration


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

To the writer Bruce Korbesmeyer of Oakville, who said the Blues don’t represent all of us:

LGB! The Blues do represent all of us.

Most people can relate to being counted out at some point in our lives and wanting to come back to prove the doubters wrong.

The team even had a kid, Pat Maroon, that went to your district’s school.

You’re telling me that or David Freese’s 2011 playoffs don’t give you chills?

A local kid, helping his favorite team growing up, to win a championship is us.

Yes, hockey in general is a more violent sport than a lot of sports out there. However, you state, “During a fight, a hockey game broke out,” as how you view it.

During the playoffs this year, 87 games were played and only three had a fight (only counting penalties, not scuffles) and during the regular season 1,271 games were played and only 213 had a fight.

As to the next part of your letter: “OK, so if it’s not stupidity if you continue to support our current president, then how do you respond to people who knowingly support divisiveness, distortions of the truth and the cavalier?”

You seem to be the one here who is being divisive and distorting of the truth.

You found a way to break away from the city you call home and make no connection to the pride the city felt finally winning the Stanley Cup with a kid from Oakville.

Yes, you need to “get over it,” because you are coming off as a sore loser.

Be happy for our city, our president, our country. We still support our president because he is OUR president.

We don’t have to like him, but he will only be in office for another six years.

Shawn Finney
Sunset Hills

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