Letter writer won’t support paying more property taxes to school district

To the editor:

I was appalled to read in the Call that the Mehlville School District superintendent will retire this year with roughly a $200,000 a year pension.

Mehlville taxpayers are on the hook for a matching contribution rate of 14 percent into the Missouri Public School Retirement System.

So we in the Mehlville School District will not only pay into the Social Security system for ourselves, but also into the Missouri Public School Retirement System.

The teachers do not pay into Social Security. So why should we as taxpayers be forced into paying into their system? Why not set a pension benefit scale equivalent to that of Social Security since we are supporting their system too?

Why should anyone be entitled to such an outrageous amount at age 60? No wonder the Mehlville School District has budget shortfalls. Then they ask us to pay even more property taxes to support this. I don’t think so.

John M. Fedchak