Letter writer wishes media used their powers to be ‘fair,’ ‘unbiased’

To the editor:

I find it interesting when media, including the Call, respond to President Donald Trump’s comments on the media with such thin-skinned vigor.

I don’t need a reminder of constitutional freedom of the press. I applaud our freedoms.

However, I remind all media that because the Constitution protects then they should be more responsible.

The media uses its power to castigate or canonize politicians, businesses, causes, and ideas by its biased handling of news. That is true undignified cyberbullying. As a politically independent voter, I watch CNN and Fox News — to name just two — report on the same stories using selected facts.

How can the same story be reported so differently? The answer is the spin with which each medium chooses. A photo, a word choice, an inclusion or exclusion of facts, an inflection of tone are ways media reporters manipulate stories to a desired flavor.

I wish the media used their powers to be fair and unbiased. I wish I could trust the media to report facts and let me create my own opinions.