Letter writer urges Wagner to support CCL’s carbon fee, dividend

To the editor:

In November, I had a pleasant meeting with members of U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner’s staff at her congressional office in Washing-ton, D.C.

During the meeting, I shared how I had seen climate change while working as a seasonal park ranger in Everglades National Park, Fla., and Crater Lake National Park, Ore., over the past 24 years.

Climate change puts our weather on steroids. It makes extreme weather worse, such as the terrible floods on the Meramec River we experienced around New Year’s Eve just one year ago.

Thus, Rep. Wagner must act now on global warming by supporting a carbon fee and dividend proposed by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, or CCL.

CCL’s proposal: Charge a carbon fee at the coal mine, oil well or U.S. border, and then rebate 100 percent of the revenues monthly to every U.S. household. Two-thirds of the U.S. population, especially the poor and middle class, would come out ahead financially, providing a big boost to our national and St. Louis- area economy.

For a healthy planet and growing economy, Rep. Wagner should support CCL’s carbon fee and dividend.