Letter writer responds to council’s expansion of anti-discrimination law

To the editor:

Am I a hater?

Please help me understand if I am a hater because I believe the plethora of data stating that the best way to reduce poverty, reduce adolescent drug use, reduce low self-esteem that leads to bullying behaviors and reduce poor school performance is by having children raised in intact two-parent homes with their mother and father.

Is it wrong for me to want what is best for a child? Aren’t healthy communities built one healthy child at a time? Am I a hater for supporting policies and laws that strengthen strong, healthy marriages to raise children?

Am I a hater because I believe that biological parents are a child’s best resource? Am I a hater because I believe in the untold benefits of a child being taught by a masculine and feminine influence in their family?

Am I a coward because I do not have the courage to face a child and say, “It is no big deal you don’t have a mom/dad?” Is it not true that the further away from this formula that we get the more trouble there seems to be in our world?

I acknowledge and am grateful for all the men, women and grandparents who are raising children through adoption and through uncontrollable circumstances that inhibit the mother and father from caring for their child. I am one of those children who needed a caring adult to step in when their biological parent was unable.

The unselfish adults in my life struggled to keep my family structure as close to the mother/father relationship as possible.

It is because of their decision to put their children’s best interest first that I am able to maintain a stable, loving home for my husband and children today.

And so, I ask you once again: Am I a hater because I want individuals to think carefully and act unselfishly when considering behaviors that involve children or future children that may come into their lives?