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Letter writer offers ‘some truths’ about County Councilman Campisi

This is in response to Terri Blunt’s Oct. 2 letter to the editor regarding her innuendos and false statements about County Councilman John Campisi.

These are the usual tactics his opponent and his opponents’ friends employ when they cannot find anything wrong with John Campisi. Here are some truths about Councilman Campisi.

Councilman Campisi has returned the money he received from developers. He has been fighting the trash plan since January 2007 and has introduced three pieces of legislation that would have given the people a vote. He would have eliminated the trash districts and made recycling voluntary. The Democrats voted them down.

Do you think Steve Stenger will go against Charlie Dooley? He was recruited by Mr. Dooley, your county executive.

Councilman Campisi abstained from a vote for tax-exempt status for the Church of Scientology. Check the records.

He did give a tax break to a developer of a store. The building was vacant and derelict, and the chamber of commerce, school district and fire district approved the tax break. It now has 14 employees and the building is bringing in taxes to St. Louis County and other taxing entities.

He did not vote for a payday loan or check-cashing service in Oakville and the Bayless area. He voted against legislation for this very thing. Check the records.

Councilman Campisi missed a few meetings just like all the rest of the council members. Check the records on that, too.

Councilman Campisi and all of the council members voted against the Oakville trash-transfer station. The county was sued and was directed to introduce the legislation. He had been fighting it since then. He has held 55 public meetings, has helped over 15,000 county residents and is available by phone and e-mail 24/7.

Shame on you.

Mae Busch


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